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Funded Traders Posted by Team Topstep October 4, 2022

Funded Traders = One Step

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2022 has been a year of change at Topstep; we’re changing the rules and pioneering a new path in the funding industry. You’ve seen the program upgrades we’ve made already this year. From faster payouts to the 90/10 profit split, we’re committed to improving Topstep at every level to help you, the trader, achieve success in the markets. 

And now, we have another one for you, Funded Traders are now One Step from Funding. Keep reading to learn more about this exciting new trader benefit!

What Is This New Benefit?

Starting now, if you’re in a Funded Account and suffer a rule break that results in the loss of your account, we’re not going to send you back to Step 1 and make you start all over again. Instead, we’re going to give you a leg up on the program and advance you directly to Step 2 when you begin your new Trading Combine at Step 2! 

Until now, this option was only available to those with an account balance higher than their starting balance when they broke a rule in the Funded Account, and you only had 14 days to decide…

NOW, every Funded Account is eligible to start from Step 2, regardless of your ending balance, and you have 30 days to opt in!


What Does This Mean For You?

Topstep can already boast the fastest-to-funded program in the industry. Successfully navigating our evaluation process puts you in a Funded Account® in as little as eight trading days!

Now, we’ve taken another giant leap forward by virtually eliminating Step 1 for all Funded Level™ Traders. The greatest benefit is that once you earn a Funded Account, you will never be more than three days from funding again! You heard me. It’s possible to pass Step 2 of the Trading Combine in as little as three trading days.

Picture this. Let’s say it’s Monday morning, you’ve finished your daily prep, and the Nasdaq is absolutely rocking. You see your bread and butter trade setup taking shape, all the stars are in alignment, and you’re at a peak confidence level. So, you load up and wait for the market to reach your entry level… 

Your palms are sweating, and you’re on the edge of your seat, excited about the home run you’re about to hit. Finally, your bid gets filled, and you’re long the Nasdaq. Now you’re in the market. It moves your way a little bit. You’re in the money and feeling great! Then, in typical Nasdaq fashion, the market turns on a dime. Bids start getting wiped out, and prices run through your stop before you can even blink. 

It happens to all of us. Bad beats are inevitable. You did everything right, and still, you hit your daily loss limit on the first trade of the week. Now you have a negative account balance and just lost your Funded Account. 

Now, think about this: In a traditional brokerage account, how long would it take the average retail trader to put the funds together to meet the margin requirements needed to start trading again after blowing up an account? It could take weeks, months, or even years for most people. Not you, though; you’re a Topstep Trader. We’re going to eat your losses and have you back in a Funded Account as soon as Friday! 


Why Are We Doing This?

We designed the Trading Combine to test your mettle as a trader. It’s not supposed to be easy. After all, it’s an evaluation to make sure you can be trusted to trade our capital responsibly. That’s the whole point of Topstep. 

By passing through the Trading Combine and earning a Funded Account, you’ve already proven to us that you have the knowledge, skills, and experience needed to find success in the markets. So, instead of penalizing you, we’re going to reward you and get you back in the markets as soon as possible.

Topstep traders are the BEST out there, and we value your hard work, talent, and dedication. OUR mission is YOUR success. This new trader benefit is our way of helping you stay in tune with the markets, get you back to the Funded Level, and start making some real money.


How Does It Work?

Should you lose your Funded Account, you will receive an email from our support team outlining steps to re-enter the Trading Combine at Step 2.

This option is available to all Funded Traders, regardless of your ending account balance. The best part is you have 30 days to decide, so take a breather if you need to and come back when you’re ready!

Trade Well!