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Futures trading might seem complicated, but Topstep has the tools, resources, and veteran coaches to build your foundation for success.

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Get an overview of futures trading basics, Topstep, and the Trading Combine®. In addition to this series, we strongly recommend new traders check out the free Introduction to Futures course offered by the CME Group.

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Video 1: Start Here!


Understand what it means to be a Topstep trader and learn what to expect throughout our program.



Video 2: What are futures?


Gain the basic knowledge of what futures are and why they are a great option for day traders.



Video 3: Choosing a Platform


Picking the trading platform that’s right for you is an essential first step. We’re here to help guide you!



Video 4: How to Enter Orders


Experience how to place your first order on the TSTrader platform and start trading. Watch to learn how!




Video 5: Trading Dos and Don’ts


Expand your knowledge with these trading best practices to not only trade well, but to trade responsibly.



Video 6: Charts and Analysis


Advance your trading methodology by using the most important analysis tool—your charts.



Video 7: How to Attack the Trading Combine


Level up your trading game with these tips and strategies to conquer your Trading Combine and get funded!



Video 8: The Funded Level


Congratulations on passing the Trading Combine! Get your funded account by following these next steps.



Join Topstep Senior Performance Coach, John Hoagland, for this deep dive into futures trading. No experience needed! This course starts with the definition and history of futures contracts before tackling crucial concepts such as technical analysis, the auction process, and trading psychology. If you’re new to trading, this series is a must.

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Levels: 101-104


Discover the framework for the rest of the course materials and learn the crucial knowledge that every futures trader should possess.



Levels: 201-204


Take a deep dive into the trader psyche, and discuss some of the traits, habits, and characteristics that can help lead you to long-term success as a trader.



Levels: 301-304


Understand the many factors that affect price movements in the markets and how to take that data and make it actionable.



Levels: 401-404


Strengthen your knowledge of the basics, and improve your winning average, by prepping for each trading day and understanding the markets.



At Topstep, we are 100% dedicated to your success. That’s why we offer comprehensive Free Coaching options for our traders. Whether you prefer to work in groups, one-on-one, or digitally, you can expect top-notch mentorship from educators with decades of experience in the industry. Learn more about our Free Coaching today!


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Learn More


Learn More


We lead with an education first approach, and will do everything we can to help you get funded, stay funded, and take payouts. Our coaching & educational resources are  always free and created by veteran traders.


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