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TopstepX™ is the first of its kind Trading Platform built for the unique needs of prop firm traders. It’s more than a trading execution platform, TopstepX immerses traders in everything Topstep has to offer.

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Purpose Built Features

We know what traders want, because we created this industry and are traders ourselves. TopstepX was built for you, not a brokerage.

  • Trade from anywhere, on a PC or Mac
  • Fully customize dashboards
  • Tools that help you build strong habits & discipline
  • TradingView Charts
  • Trade the maximum equivalent contract values of Minis and Micros
  • Live Executions powered by Plus500
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Topstep offers three different Trading Combine® account sizes so you can choose from the option that best fits your goals. Lock in now and keep this price until you earn funding or for the lifetime of the Trading Combine.

Local currency prices for display purposes only.
  • aud
  • cad
  • cop
  • eur
  • gbp
  • jpy
  • mxn
  • usd
  • chf
Monthly Price
The subscription cost recurs monthly from the sign-up date, until you reach a Funded Account or the account is cancelled.
Profit Target
The Profit Target is the amount of net profit required.
Maximum Position Size
Cumulative, across all open trades.
Maximum Loss Limit
Account Balance High - Maximum Drawdown = Maximum Loss Limit (which is set at the end of each day).
$50k TopstepX Only
$247/mo $73/mo aud
$225/mo $66/mo cad
$638,931/mo $189,743/mo cop
€151/mo €45/mo eur
£129/mo £38/mo gbp
¥25,917/mo ¥7,696/mo jpy
$2,769/mo $822/mo mxn
$165/mo $49/mo USD
F150/mo F44/mo chf
5 Contracts
$100k TopstepX Only
$488/mo $148/mo aud
$443/mo $135/mo cad
$1,258,298/mo $383,297/mo cop
€298/mo €91/mo eur
£254/mo £77/mo gbp
¥51,054/mo ¥15,551/mo jpy
$5,463/mo $1,664/mo mxn
$325/mo $99/mo USD
F296/mo F90/mo chf
10 Contracts
$150k TopstepX Only
$563/mo $223/mo aud
$511/mo $203/mo cad
$1,452,316/mo $577,053/mo cop
€345/mo €137/mo eur
£293/mo £116/mo gbp
¥58,914/mo ¥23,408/mo jpy
$6,301/mo $2,503/mo mxn
$375/mo $149/mo USD
F341/mo F135/mo chf
15 Contracts
All traders pay a one-time $149 Activation Fee per Express Funded Account upon passing. It is the same for all account sizes.

AvaiLAble Products

Here are the products you can currently trade in TopstepX!

Gold (GC) Crude Oil (CL)
E-Mini NASDAQ 100 (NQ) Micro NASDAQ 100 (MNQ)
E-Mini S&P 500 (ES) Micro S&P 500 (MES)
E-Mini Russell 2000 (RTY) Micro Russel 2000 (M2K)
Mini-DOW (YM) Micro DOW (MYM)
Silver (SI) Micro Silver (SIL)
Natural Gas (NG) E-mini Natural Gas (QG)
Micro Crude Oil (MCL) Micro Gold (MGC)
Copper (HG) Platinum (PLN)
Micro Bitcoin (MBT) Micro Ether (MET)
RBOB Gasoline (RB) Heating Oil (HO)
Corn (ZC) Wheat (ZW)
Soybean (ZS) Soybean Meal (ZM)
Soybean Oil (ZL) Live Cattle (LE)
Lean Hogs (HE)

TopstepX allows traders to trade the maximum equivalent contract values of Minis and Micros (10:1 contract ratio*). The “maximum position sizes” are now synced according to the total leveraged amount, allowing 10x Micro to Minis contracts.

* 5:1 contract ratio for Silver


Get access to the best and most popular charting software out there, with all of the drawing tools, indicators, and customizations that traders love. TopstepX is the only Futures trading platform that has built in TradingView charts.

The Tilt™ 

Our revolutionary, one-of-a-kind, real-time indicator shows the bias long and bias short of all Topstep traders actively trading the S&P, NASDAQ, Crude Oil & Gold, in real time. See the sentiment of all of our traders as the markets move.

online coaching for futures traders


Stream our daily, live broadcast directly from your trading platform, with no delay or interruptions. Let our team keep you motivated throughout the day as they trade live, discuss what’s happening in the markets, and talk with special guests.

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Join Coach Robert as he takes a 35-minute deep dive into TopstepX! He covers all of your favorite features, from Manual Lockout to Copy Trading, and even how to set up your charts & indicators. Each video takes just 5 minutes… or less!

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