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This isn’t just a group of people who trade; this is a group of traders. Our community is a safe space for traders to discuss market news, evaluate strategies, share resources, and connect with fellow traders around the world.

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Join Topstep’s lead Performance Coaches John Hoagland & Dan Hodgman for the daily Market Forecast at 8:00 AM CT and Market Recap at 3:00 PM CT. Discuss market news with like-minded traders in the chat, while our Coaches inform you on everything you need to know for the trading week.

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Member Testimonials

The facebook community is extremely helpful. It is great to have so many traders freely expressing ideas and talking markets all the time. I learned a lot from just reading different traders post their own strategies and methods. Having exposure to different forms of thought allowed me to be more open minded when I traded, which helped me out tremendously.


With Topstep, I never felt alone trading. I felt I had support and I felt someone was behind me providing support to help me succeed. The entire experience has felt like a family of traders, and for me, that was an awesome feeling!


I cannot thank Topstep enough for this equal opportunity to all as I aspire to develop my skills and earn a living through trading; irrespective of borders, color or creed. To anyone whose dream is succeeding as a trader I highly recommend Topstep for the money, education, support, fun and community.


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