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This isn’t just a group of people who trade; this is a group of traders. Our community is a safe space for traders to discuss market news, evaluate strategies, share resources, and connect with fellow traders around the world.


Join the #group-coaching channel to meet our team and connect with other traders. Each Coach also has a dedicated Discord channel, so if you have previously worked with Coach Jay, you can now find him in Discord under #coach-jay. Each Coach posts their hours to their channel each week so you know when you can catch them.

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Spend the day with our experts as they trade live and discuss what’s happening in the markets. Expect breaking news, tips, community stats, shout-outs to our best performing traders, and special guests. Let’s prepare for the trading day together and crush the markets! We’re live Monday–Friday, 8:00 AM–3:30 PM CT.

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This community was created to provide a space for market enthusiasts to collaborate and talk about market news, discuss strategies, ask questions, share resources, and connect with fellow traders. Ready to get back to the conversation? Don’t miss out on what other traders are discussing!

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