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Forex to futures

When the pros want to trade currencies, they turn to Foreign Exchange (Forex) Futures for the many benefits not found in the Forex markets. 
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Topstep® is focused on Futures trading only, and we highly recommend Foreign Exchange Futures (FX Futures) to anyone with Forex experience. FX Futures and Forex are similar in that you trade one currency for another and they both track the spot cash, but FX Futures are what professionals trade because the price discovery is set by the trader, not the broker or institution.

Futures terminology

Here are a few key Forex trading terms that vary from the Futures industry to help you get started. 

Replace these Forex Terms → with these Futures Terms
Pips → Ticks
Pairs → Products
Lots → Contracts
Buy/Sell → Bid/Ask
Mini Pair → Micro


These are our favorite FX Futures to try if you’re coming from the Forex space, but you can trade this full list of products at Topstep.

Swap these Forex Products → for Futures Products
US 30 → Dow Jones (YM)
US 500 → S&P 500 (ES)
XAU/USD → Gold (GC)
USOIL → Crude Oil (CL)
EUR/USD → Euro FX (6E)


Futures have standardized contracts and a centralized exchange, which means all participants in the market get pricing transparency and liquidity. Each product has defined leverage and commissions because it is built into the contract—no surprises! 

Instrument Description Tick Size Tick Value
ES S&P 500 .25 $12.50
NQ Nasdaq 100 .25 $5.00
YM Dow 1 $5.00
6E Euro FX .00005 $6.25
CL Crude oil .01 $10.00
GC Gold .10 $10.00

Pro Tip: Utilize your Practice Account with your Topstep Trading Combine® to learn what product best fits your strategy.

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