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Topstep Hero Futures

Futures Trading

From Crude to the E-mini S&P 500, trade the most popular CME products as you build more productive habits and work your way toward funding.

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Local currency prices for display purposes only.
  • aud
  • cad
  • cop
  • eur
  • gbp
  • jpy
  • mxn
  • usd
  • chf
Monthly Price
The subscription cost recurs monthly from the sign-up date, until you reach a Funded Account or the account is cancelled.
Profit Target (Per Step)
The Profit Target is the amount of net profit required per step.
Maximum Position Size
Cumulative, across all open trades.
Daily Loss Limit
Net P&L cannot hit or exceed this amount in a trading day (5:00 PM – 3:10 PM CT).
Trailing Max Drawdown
Account Balance High – Maximum Drawdown = Trailing Maximum Drawdown (which is calculated at the end of each trading day).
$50k Buying Power
$245/mo aud
$218/mo cad
$724,763/mo cop
€165/mo eur
£143/mo gbp
¥23,621/mo jpy
$3,298/mo mxn
$165/month USD
CHF159/mo chf
5 Contracts
$100k Buying Power
$483/mo aud
$429/mo cad
$1,427,563/mo cop
€326/mo eur
£282/mo gbp
¥46,525/mo jpy
$6,499/mo mxn
$325/month USD
CHF313/mo chf
10 Contracts
$150k Buying Power
$557/mo aud
$495/mo cad
$1,647,188/mo cop
€376/mo eur
£325/mo gbp
¥53,699/mo jpy
$7,499/mo mxn
$375/month USD
CHF361/mo chf
15 Contracts

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Successfully navigating our two step evaluation process puts you in a Funded Account® in as little as eight trading days! Topstep has the quickest funding program in the industry.
All you need to do is prove you can profit and manage risk!
Account Parameters
Step 1

Prove Profitability

Step 2

Manage Risk


Profit Target

5 Days

Best day below 40% of total profits made


Frequently Asked Questions

Available Trading Platforms

TSTrader Logo
TSTrader Logo

Compatible with any device, and offers dozens of available third-party add-ons. No platform fees. $0.79/contract/side commissions in the Funded Account.

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Ninja Trader logo
Ninja Trader logo

Windows compatible, with thousands of third-party add-ons. No platform fees in SIM, discounted fee in Funded Account. $0.53/contract/side commissions in the Funded Account. 

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TradingView Logo
TradingView Logo

Compatible with any device, and offers hundreds of third-party add-ons. Free and paid platform versions available. $0.79/contract/side commission in the Funded Account.

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Other Available Platforms

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Fully Funded Futures Day Trader at Topstep

Funded Trading Account

When you pass the Trading Combine and earn a Futures Funded Account, you have the option to continue in either the Pro Account or Live Account. Either way, you keep the first $5,000 you make and enjoy a generous 90/10 Profit Split — the best in the industry!


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