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Funded Traders Posted by Team Topstep February 9, 2021

Meet Funded Trader Felix E. from Chile

You might recognize this funded Topstep trader from the comments section of our YouTube channel. Originally from Venezuela, Funded Trader Felix E. is currently living in Chile. He is an outspoken and valued member of the Topstep community. In a recent interview, Felix was gracious enough to sit down with Dan Hodgman to talk about his experience with Topstep. 

Who is Felix E.?

Felix has been maneuvering through the markets for about three years and has spent the last year conquering the Trading Combine®. He’s a dedicated student of trading and utilizes all of the development and habit building resources available to him at Topstep.

Keeping it simple, Felix is getting paid using strict risk management parameters and staying on the right side of the trend. But it wasn’t always this easy for him. 

Trading Is Hard!

Trading is not an easy job. We know this because if it were easy, everyone would be doing it.

Over the last year, Felix has passed through the Trading Combine a total of six times. He’s earned funded accounts and also lost them. His experience at Topstep has taught him valuable lessons that would cost a trader in a standard retail brokerage account a lot of money. 

That’s the real value of the Trading Combine. You’re elevating your market knowledge while expanding your experience. We use real-time market data and custom development tools to guide you through the process, without breaking the bank.

In this interview, Felix recognizes the importance of trading for yourself. Copying someone else’s style might be suitable for quick gains, but it’s unlikely you’ll find long-term success without gaining any real insight into the strategy. It’s better to think for yourself. If you can break through the barrier of seeking validation based on another trader’s view, a world of opportunities will open up to you.

Thank You For Being Part Of The Team!

The accolades Felix showers upon us are genuinely humbling. This interview encapsulates the very nucleus of our mission. Topstep exists to empower traders to achieve success beyond just a winning trade; our goal is to help everyone find long-term profitability in the financial markets. Felix’s story is what inspires us to keep providing new tools, content, motivation, and, most importantly, FUNDING for anyone looking to professionalize their trading.

Thank you, Felix, Trade Well!