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Funded Traders Posted by Team Topstep April 28, 2021

Meet Former Funded Trader Deeyana Angelo

There’s a lot of work that goes into shaping a professional trader; that’s why we created the Trading Combine®. We designed the Topstep Trading Combine with the idea of helping traders build stronger habits and develop better trading strategies, with the ultimate goal of earning a Funded Account®. No doubt you’ve heard us say this before, but while earning a Funded Account is a giant step in the right direction, getting funded is really just the beginning.

Now, meet Deeyana Angelo, a musician, educator, and former Topstep funded trader turned professional derivatives trader. Deeyana has a unique story, starting with how she first got into trading and how her experience at Topstep helped her on her career path. Deeyana was nice enough to sit down with John Hoagland recently to discuss her success after leaving Topstep.

Deeyana’s Background

A friend in the music industry first introduced Deeyana to trading. When she first saw a candlestick chart, it instantly reminded her of the pattern-based layout of sheet music. After that, she caught the trading bug and dove right into trading the Eurodollar.

When market conditions in the Eurodollar market began to change, Deeyana knew she needed to make a change. Moving away from the medium-range swing trades she was used to, Deeyana started to seek out ways to help her improve on her shorter-term day trading techniques. It was this revelation that led her to learn about the futures markets and her discovery of Topstep.

Success After Funding

We believe that success is more than just a winning trade. Deeyana’s story personifies everything that we’re trying to achieve at Topstep. She came to us looking to improve her trading skills. She passed through the Trading Combine and earned a Funded Account, and when she knew it was time to move on, she went out and shared all of the knowledge she acquired with anyone interested in learning.

Today, Deeyana is the managing director of a fintech startup, Blahtech, designing automated trading systems and custom indicators. She also runs a trading education website, Market Stalkers, where she offers courses in Market Profile, candlestick chart patterns, and order flow trading. It’s humbling to be considered a pivotal component of Deeyana’s success. We wish her nothing but continued success in the future!

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