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Funded Traders Posted by Team Topstep April 21, 2021

Monthly Automatic Reset

Wall Street

Hello friends and traders! We just wanted to take a moment to remind you about one of the fantastic new changes we’ve made to the Trading Combine®. Over the past year, the team at Topstep has taken all of your feedback into consideration and transformed how the Trading Combine works to make it the most accessible and cost-effective way to participate in the financial markets. 

The most popular new feature added to the Topstep subscription service is the monthly automatic reset function based on your feedback. If you remember, not long ago, you would either have to quit or purchase a reset and start over whenever you broke a rule in the Trading Combine. That’s all in the past. Now, if you happen to break a rule, you will receive a BONUS reset when your monthly billing date arrives if you need it. It’s as simple as that; we know you have more questions, though, so keep reading.

The Details

There has been some confusion about when the actual monthly reset occurs, so let’s clear that up first. 

Once you begin your Topstep subscription and select a Trading Combine (any Trading Combine), you are issued an official monthly billing date, which you can easily access from your dashboard. Here is the critical part; if you break a rule before your billing date arrives, your account will automatically reset when your monthly payment is made, but not before. Here are a few more things to keep in mind too.

  1. You may still purchase a reset at any time if you feel you’re ready to keep going or if your reset date is still a few weeks out.
  2. If you are in a Futures or Micros Trading Combine, you can utilize your Practice Account to tighten up your strategy while waiting for your automatic monthly reset.


Everyone who signs up for a Topstep subscription is automatically put into the monthly reset program. There’s nothing you need to do to “opt-in,” it’s all taken care of.

This Might Sound Familiar

Try to think about it like this; have you ever run out of data on your phone plan and your service provider offered you an ultimatum? Either pay mid-month for more data or wait until your next billing cycle begins for a fresh new balance of data, right?

Well, Topstep’s auto monthly reset works the exact same way. At the risk of sounding redundant, here it is one more time; if you break a rule in the Trading Combine before your billing cycle ends, you can either purchase a reset or wait for your automatic reset when your next billing date arrives.

Listen to Topstep’s founder and Chief Visionary Officer, Michael Patak, sum it up for you really quick.

This Is Permanent

Since the monthly auto-reset was first introduced, we’re received a lot of positive feedback about it, and the number of traders passing through Step 1 and Step 2 of the Trading Combine has been steadily increasing. In fact, in the first quarter of 2021 alone, 2,275 traders passed through Step 1, and 2,663 traders passed through Step 2 to earn a Funded Account®.

Our funded numbers are no joke, and to add a little icing to the cake, our funded traders also withdrew more than $1.3 million from their Funded Accounts in the first three months of the year. That’s real money!

We Did This For YOU!

Our goal is to help you find long-term success as a trader. In an industry with a record of being very difficult and expensive to join in on, one of the single best ways to stay in the game is to trade someone else’s money. After all, that’s what the big-time professional traders do, so why should you have to risk your own hard-earned money if other people don’t have to?

Cost-efficient access to the markets, guaranteed funding, and the educational resources to guide you along the way is our promise to you. Use us to professionalize your passion for trading!

Trade Well!