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Coach's Playbook Posted by Team Topstep June 8, 2021

Day Trading Summer 2021!

Volatility is stale, equity markets are hovering around all-time highs, and the Fed is hinting at tapering bond purchases; guess what time of year it is? The summer markets are upon us; what is your plan for the next few months? Are you going to take some time off, look for a new market that’s really moving, or keep grinding away like usual? 

This week, the Topstep coaches are here with some “hot takes” on summer trading and what key events you should be watching out for.

Funded Trader Shoutout

When the E-Mini Nasdaq-100 futures (NQ) are stuck floating sideways, you better know how to trade both sides of the market if you want to walk away with a little scratch in your pocket. When volatility is low, you’re probably not going to catch a whole lot of rippers. This is the time to work on your short game (golf reference) and just chip away a little piece from the market every day.

Take a lesson from Topstep funded trader Stone Yahn (great name by the way), who took home a sizable $2,400 profit rolling with the pouches trading the NQ. There’s always an opportunity out there. Keep plugging away and you might find your name mentioned in the “Funded Trader Shoutout” one day!

There’s Plenty Going On This Summer

Don’t get discouraged by the shrinking ranges in the equity index futures. There are plenty of other markets to get involved in if you’re really looking for some action. Take crude oil for example, since turning negative last April, crude has been in a full-blown bull market. And, based on the volume, it looks like retail traders are piling back in to take advantage of the move.

We mentioned the rally in the grain markets a few weeks ago too. The row crop markets hit eight year highs recently, and they continue to move. Opportunity shouldn’t be taken for granted. If your favortie market isn’t providing you with enough setups, start looking elsewhere, there is more out there.

And don’t forget, it never hurts to take some time for yourself and enjoy the summer weather. Local economies are opening back up at rapid paces, there are things to do outside the house right now!