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Trading Education Posted by Team Topstep May 20, 2021

What’s the Deal with Commodities

On today’s special edition of Limit Up! Topstep staff and former traders John Doherty, Mick Ieronimo and John Hoagland talk to new Topstep contributor Carol Jorissen. Carol talks about coming up in the commodities pits, the in and outs of the grain markets and tips for other traders looking to start trading more commodities.




About Limit Up!

Limit Up! is a podcast brought to you by Topstep about trading, trading psychology, trading life, and pretty much whatever else the wonderful world of markets has to offer. It’s hosted by two former professional traders, Jack and Dan, who still dabble in futures, forex, options, political betting—they basically love to follow the action. They’ll teach you how to trade, but more importantly, how to develop the habits that make traders good. Risk Disclosure:

Topstep is the premiere funding opportunity for traders looking to make the most of market opportunities without risking their own capital. When traders pass the completely objective Trading Combine®, Topstep funds them with proprietary money. Guaranteed. Beyond funding, we seek to instill better habits in our traders (hence the Limit Up! Podcast and other educational resources). Topstep has been based in Chicago since 2012.