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Trading Strategies

Catch up on all of the insights and strategies shared by Senior Performance Coach John Hoagland in the videos below!

Session one

Welcome to Topstep Trading Strategies! In this first session, John Hoagland covers the basics of auction theory, technical analysis, candlestick patterns, and trends.

Session Two

This lesson covers chart analysis, including a few of Hoag’s absolute favorite technical patters. We also dive into oscillators, volume, open interest, and the foundations of reading order flow.

Session three

Watch Hoag cover his most-cherished topic in trading strategy—the Market Profile. This visualization of time and price is a powerful tool for the retail trader. We also cover the remaining gap analysis slides from Tuesday.

Session four

In the final class of the course, Hoag covers trade management strategies including setting profit targets and stops, position sizing, scaling and more. We also end with a brief discussion of trading psychology and extended Q&A.