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Funded Traders Posted by Team Topstep December 1, 2020

[VIDEO] 2 Weeks and Funded Trader Mustafa is up $45K!

Funded Trader Mustafa from California just finished two weeks for the record books—he increased the equity in his Funded Account by $45,000 in only half a month!

In this video, Topstep performance coach Dan Hodgman sat down with Mustafa to discuss his attitude toward trading, and how he’s treating this account differently after such a hot start.

Listen To Mustafa Tell His Story

Discipline Trumps Luck

Mustafa has traded forex off-and-on for the last decade, but started getting more serious recently. This was not his first time in a Funded Account—he’s been working with Topstep for about two years. However, in this account, he committed to maintaining discipline and focused more on trend-following strategies. You’ve heard us say “trend is your friend” countless times (and by the way, that’s because it works).

Mustafa points out that when you trade with discipline, you tend to find your own luck. We can never control the markets, but you can put yourself in the right place to succeed.

So once again, congratulations to Mustafa! We hope that you can keep hitting it out of the park.