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Funded Traders Posted by Team Topstep June 5, 2020

Topstep Trader Clara C. Is Up $11K In Her Funded Account!

For Clara C in Houston, Texas, futures trading is a family affair. Her son is also a Topstep Funded Trader, and her husband is currently in Step 2 of the Trading Combine! Since earning her Funded Account two months ago, Clara has accumulated more than $11K in realized profits, and took a $5K withdrawal just last week.

Listen To Clara Tell Her Story 


The Path To Success

Clara got her start in the financial markets about 3 years ago trading equities. I think we all know how hard that game is… After a few months of grinding away she came to the realization that stocks just weren’t for her, so she took a step back and started to look elsewhere for opportunity. That’s when her son introduced her to Topstep and the exciting world of futures trading.

Clara’s daily routine starts with an early morning meeting with her son where they sit down and discuss their strategies for the day. She credits the way they listen and coach each other as one the keys to her trading success. 

Strength In Numbers

Having a trading buddy is an advantage that is far too often overlooked. The benefits of having a responsive partner to bounce ideas off of throughout the day is a priceless benefit. It’s not necessary for your trading buddy to be sitting right there in the room next to you either, there are plenty of online social communities filled with like-minded traders willing to collaborate and challenge you to be better.

If you need a little push in the right direction, look no further than the Topstep Facebook Group. Our members are experienced and engaging market participants, and they love to hear fresh ideas from new arrivals. 

In closing, we asked Clara what her advice is for traders currently in the Trading Combine: “If you think it’s too hard, don’t give up.” Take the time to study the markets and learn as much as you can. Practice every day, and most importantly, make sure you’re having fun!

Thank you Clara, we couldn’t have said it better. 

Stay safe and trade well!