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Funded Traders Posted by Team Topstep April 18, 2019

Funded Trader for 3 Years: Here's How He Did It




Charles B. from Couer D’Alene, Idaho has traded in a futures Funded Account® for three years. Charles came to Topstep because it offered an easy entry point into the futures trading business — particularly for someone far from a finance hotbed.

Charles credits his long-term consistency on finding a love for the trading process, not the outcome, and says Topstep has helped him develop become precise in his trades. “You have your analysis that you’re applying, but you only want to be getting involved when you have the most bang for your buck. Topstep really helped me figure out in my own process where that actually happened,” Charles said.

Read more or check out the video above for Charles’ advice to traders in the Trading Combine®.

Charles’ largest piece of trading advice is to keep a dream journal. Charles says that by focusing on what you can become, you can develop your intuition and be more connected to the market.

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