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Trading Education Posted by Team Topstep January 23, 2022

Rumors Of Our Deaths Have Been Greatly Exaggerated


Limit Up! Podcast has returned…

Full disclosure; we haven’t actually heard any rumors going around about our deaths. We did, however, toss around the idea of planting a few rumors just to get people talking. That plan fell through, though. Anyway…

Dan and Jack have returned, and after spending six months “off the grid,” they’re ready to get back to business. What business is that, you ask? The business of making you a better trader, of course. And so, in their comeback episode of Limit Up!, Dan and Jack discuss their 2022 trading goals, the new addition to Jack’s family, and the fresh, interactive format of the podcast.

Watch and Listen Options

Henceforth, or until further notice, you will have four separate ways to watch and listen to Topstep’s Limit Up! Podcast. First, you can catch us recording LIVE on the Topstep YouTube channel at 3:00 PM CT on Thursdays. During the live recordings, Dan and Jack will be monitoring the chat on YouTube, so this will be your best opportunity to interact with the hosts if you have questions or comments.

After the live podcast recording has wrapped up, the audio files will be promptly uploaded to Apple Podcasts and Spotify. These, in turn, are your second and third listening options.

Lastly, let’s suppose you possess the patience and self-control to cage your gusto until Sunday morning. In that case, you can sign up for Topstep’s Weekly Kickoff email, where we will provide you with the Apple Podcast and Spotify links to download and enjoy at your leisure.

Directly below, you will find links to download the latest episode of Limit Up!, set a YouTube reminder to catch us LIVE, and sign up for the Weekly Kickoff email if you haven’t already. Needless to say, we’re pretty excited to be back. We know you are too!

Very Important Links!

  1. Spotify: Download the latest episode
  2. Apple Podcasts: Download the latest episode
  3. YouTube: Set your reminder to watch us LIVE
  4. Email: Sign up for Topstep’s Weekly Kickoff newsletter (bottom of the page)