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Funded Traders Posted by Team Topstep April 11, 2019

Perseverance in Trading Pays: Lessons from a Funded Trader


Futures Trading Success

When it comes to physical fitness, some of us make it to the gym every week and strive to eat healthy meals. For others, however, learning how to reach one’s goals requires a lot of time, training and a workout buddy to stay on track. The same can be said for aspiring traders.

Yose D. from Dominican Republic just earned his second TopstepTrader Funded Account®. His first one, started back in December 2018, was a learning experience where he ultimately lost $1,900 and hit his Trailing Maximum Drawdown.

But instead of being discouraged, Yose kept at it, adjusted his plan and honed in on his risk management. And even though it cost us the first time, we couldn’t be more thrilled to give him more of our capital to trade. This time, he’ll be in a $150K account with a little more cushion. We recently caught up with Yose to talk more about his experience earning a TopstepTrader Funded Account and what advice he’d have for other traders in their process.

Like others before him, Yose came to TopstepTrader to learn how to trade and eventually make money. Along the way, he discovered how to become a successful trader, along with a funny way to hold himself accountable to a trading plan.

For new traders, trading on the markets is both exciting and terrifying; the latter is especially true if you’re not prepared to handle risks. While using TopstepTrader’s platform, Yose learned the true test of trading is not actually about making money; it’s about improving your overall performance.

Hear about his experience in his own words:


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