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Trading Education Posted by Team Topstep August 24, 2018

Turning Trading Passion into Profits: 'Market Wizard' Linda Raschke



This week’s interview with a legendary trader focuses on Linda Raschke, a futures trader. What is notable about Linda beyond her incredible success? Her passion, work ethic and breadth of experience. She is proof that to be successful trading, you can’t be casual.

This is a special interview because our host Eddie turns the mic over to Topstep’s risk manager, Mick Ieronimo, who was Linda’s student and execution trader before joining Topstep. Mick takes a unique approach, coming at the interview from what Linda taught him.

In fact, Linda had so much to share that we had to break the interview into two parts. This first part covers:

  • How Linda prepares for the trading day;
  • What homework she does after the day, when the market is closed;
  • The specific metrics she follows; and
  • How identifying the type of market she’s expecting is one of the most important things she does every day.

Give it a listen below.

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