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Funded Traders Posted by Team Topstep December 15, 2019

Funded Trader Andres H. from Nicaragua Stays Calm


Andres H. from Nicaragua describes himself as an entrepreneur, which is a great skill set to bring to the trading world. A few months back he aced the $50K Trading Combine and earned his very own Funded Account. Since then, he’s focused on staying calm and choosing disciplined entries—especially when the markets get volatile.

What brought you to TopstepTrader?

Andres started trading about four months ago. He wanted to learn more about markets and began his journey trading forex. However, he found himself hampered by a small brokerage account and wanted to find a way to trade greater size.

This is when he learned about TopstepTrader and the Funded Account.

What initially interested him about Topstep was the ability to trade bigger and keep 80% of his profits once funded. He also liked the simplicity of the program—if you follow the objective rules and hit the profit targets, you will get guaranteed funding—no questions asked.

“I’m in love with the way Topstep works and this is for real,” Andres said.

Why do you trade?

From a practical standpoint, Andres trades to provide another source of income. But an additional benefit, is that he loves the adrenaline rush. Just because you can’t let your emotions take ahold of you doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the ride. To be a successful trader you need to love what you do.

What products do you trade?

Like many of our traders, Andres pays attention to the Nasdaq and Crude Oil futures. He passed Step 2 of the Trading Combine with a little help from a spike in Oil prices following supply disruptions in Saudi Arabia.

Some might chock this up to luck; however, making your own luck is a crucial part of trading. Crazy things are always happening out there and people who put themselves in the right place, with the right tools, are ready to take advantage of them.

Kudos to Andres for keeping his head on a swivel and taking what the market gave him.

That’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far?

The biggest lesson that Andres learned is the power of patience and staying calm. After all, you can’t make rational decisions when fear dictates your trades. A clear and disciplined mind is essential to your long-term success.

On a technical level, he’s also learned it’s best to only trade when there’s high volume in the market.

What advice do you have for other traders?

If you focus on managing risk and living to trade another day, everything else will eventually work out. Topstep’s policies are very clear, and if you follow the rules, you will get what you’re promised. However, we should always remember that being a profitable trader is hard—very hard. But then again so is everything worth doing.

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