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Funded Traders Posted by Team Topstep June 16, 2020

Funded Trader Aaron P Makes $10K In Forex Withdrawals


Despite all of the setbacks that have been thrown at us so far in 2020, Funded Trader Aaron P from Philadelphia is rising to the occasion and making the markets work for him. Since April, he has withdrawn nearly $10K from his Topstep FX Funded Account, and he has big plans for how to keep the money rolling in.

Listen To Aaron Tell His Story


How It All Started

A few years back, Aaron came across a commercial advertising Forex trading that really piqued his interest. He went on to open a practice account and spent countless hours on YouTube and Google educating himself on trading strategies and risk management. He credits this time, along with his time in the Topstep FX Trading Combine, for the necessary experience that is needed to truly understand the finer points of managing position size to control risk.

Aaron is a working man who needs to juggle his trading time between 10-hour shifts (6 days a week) at his day job. That’s actually why he loves the 24-hour access to the Forex markets; in his opinion, the European market open, along with those few hours when the US and European markets overlap, provide some of the best opportunities.

A True Model Of The Topstep Mission

When asked what advice he would give to all the other traders in the Trading Combine, Aaron’s response was so spot on that it nearly brought tears to my eyes. He said, “ I failed my way to success. If you use every failure as a learning opportunity, then in 5 years you will know 1,000 ways to avoid failure.” Perfection!

Aaron is a shining example of how to take full advantage of Topstep’s mission to provide a safe experience for traders who want to professionalize their passion for the markets. He’s come a long way for a self-taught trader, and he’s on the right track to going even further. We’re looking forward to tracking all of his future progress!

Stay safe and trade well!