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Trading Education Posted by Team Topstep June 3, 2021

Coach T - It's Time To Reflect

Coach T Reflect

It’s that time of day. You put in the time to prep for the trading session, you did the work trading, but there’s still one thing left to do before you shut off your screens. The closing bell doesn’t mean that the day is over; now is the time to reflect on your performance. 

How did your day go? Did you complete your morning routine? Did you follow your trading plan and strategy, or did you improvise and start to wing it? If you could grade today’s performance, what kind of score would you give yourself? 

In Part 3 of the Coach T™ Prep–Trade–Reflect™ series, we’re going to talk about a few easy ways to track and evaluate your trading performance right from your Topstep dashboard.

Don’t Fudge The Numbers

To grow and improve as a trader, you need to understand your behaviors. An honest self-assessment of your habits, accomplishments, and failures is essential to track your actual progress over time. For most traders, the best way to measure which direction their trading path is heading is by keeping a journal and then going back through the days/weeks/months to see how their habits have changed. 

Take a look at pro athletes and how they tend to make extraordinary feats look easy. What you don’t see is the countless hours spent practicing, drilling, and perfecting techniques. Like they say, “practice makes perfect,” and fundamentals are the glue that holds a team together. The same is true for a trader, and you might be surprised how constantly evaluating yourself can help bring consistency to your trading.

Coach T™ Is Going To Make This Easy For You

With an exciting suite of TraderIQ features, Coach T, your personalized digital performance coach, has the tools you need to evaluate your trading performance and help you build stronger, more sustainable habits. 

Discipline Score

In the Coach T “Prep” article, we talked about setting up your TraderIQ Trading Plan. Based on the parameters you set for your Daily Loss Limit, Max Number of Trades, and Max Losing Streak, we’re going to calculate a daily Discipline Score to show you how well you followed your own rules.

Trader Journey Chart

The Trader Journey chart in your Topstep dashboard will track your Discipline Scores over time to give you an excellent visualization of your progress.


Are you curious about your average profitability per trade? You should be. Coach T’s suite of analytics tools shows you your:

  • Average profit of all winning trades
  • Your reward-to-risk ratio based on all trades made
  • The winning percentage for all of your trades
  • The average loss of all losing trades

We’re Not Playing ‘Follow the Leader’

Knowing what kind of trader you are is half the battle, and Coach T is designed to help you figure it out. Whether you’re a grinder, zen master, or gunslinger, it’s always important to know your strengths and weaknesses and manage your strategies around them.

Guru’s and high-priced trade callers will cost you more money in the long run than they’re worth. Take the time to invest in yourself and build a solid foundation for future success based on your own trading performance, not someone else’s.

Coach T’s Team Has The Resources You Need

We’ve put together an entire library of trading resources to help guide you throughout your trading journey. And don’t forget about Coach Hoag’s FREE weekly group coaching sessions, which are a CAN’T-MISS for new traders in the Trading Combine®.

Remember, you did the work, but the grind never stops. Learn from your mistakes and get better every single day!

Trade Well!