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Funded Traders Posted by Team Topstep May 27, 2020

$10K and Funded Trader Marie P. Is Just Getting Started!

Topstep Funded Trader Marie P. was well on her way to passing the Medical Licensing Exam and opening a practice in Puerto Rico when the COVID-19 pandemic stepped in and put her plans on hold. 

Fortunately, her trading knowledge provided her with a backup, and she has been absolutely crushing it this year. In the last two months alone, she has raked in more than $10K, and has withdrawn $8500 from her Topstep Funded Accounts!

Listen To Maria Tell Her Story 



A Little Backstory

Marie’s trading journey started back in 2015. While studying medicine in Texas, her brother, who is currently working on the SpaceX program with NASA, introduced her to the financial markets. After spending some time dabbling in equities, she discovered the futures markets, that’s when things really ‘took off’! 

It wasn’t until 2018 that she came across Topstep and realized that she’d stumbled onto a game changer. “Most traders lose money and give up too soon.” That’s where Topstep flexes its true muscles. You can learn to trade without having to risk a lot of money. It’s more of an investment than anything. 

Being the selfless person she is, Marie’s first love is helping others. That said, her ultimate trading goal is to achieve success to the point where she will no longer have to worry about money so she can then focus on providing free medical assistance to anyone who needs it. Go ahead, try to be a better person, we’ll wait. 

Good Advice

It’s not all about the money though. Marie also has a passion for studying the markets. She gets fired up by technical analysis, and can’t get enough of that wonderful feeling you get when your hard work and research is validated with winning trades.

When it comes to passing the Topstep Trading Combine, her best advice is to have a plan and stick to it. Discipline and proper risk management are the keys to success in this business. Keep it simple, learn to control your emotions and do your best to avoid over trading.

Marie exemplifies what it means to be a Topstep Trader, and we’re happy that she’s here to stay!

Trade well.