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Funded Traders Posted by Team Topstep September 13, 2020

[VIDEO] This Funded Trader Has Raised The Bar


Funded Trader Corbett C. from Denver has gone “all in” on professionalizing his trading and put up an awe-inspiring $42K in just four trading days!

In this video, Topstep’s founder and Chief Visionary Officer, Michael Patak, sat down with Corbett to talk a little about his trading style and which markets he finds the most viable for success. Stick around for the end when he shares some of his plans for the money he recently withdrew from his Funded Account!

Listen To Corbett Tell His Story


Nothing Worth While Comes Easy

Corbett isn’t new to trading. He’s been with Topstep since 2013 and has earned a few Funded Accounts previously. This time around is different for him, though. This time he is ready. In the past, Corbett says his most significant obstacle to making money trading was that he needed the money. Trading to pay the bills too often instills a mindset that runs counter to the approach you would take when you have confidence in your system and have another source of income on which you can depend.

Demanding $500 or $1,000 a day from the markets, just to get by, leads to undue stress and poor trading decisions. Without the distraction of “ needing to hit your number,” the mind is free to focus on a more logical approach, rooted in discipline and proper risk management.

Trading is hard. It requires knowledge, control, guts, and, most of all, determination. It took Corbett a few years to come to terms with what was holding him back, and today, he’s all the more successful for choosing the path less taken. It takes time to find your groove in this business; trading is not a get-rich-quick job. Educate yourself and prepare for the emotional rollercoaster of trading, and your chances of success will rise exponentially.

Trade Well!