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Coach's Playbook Posted by Team Topstep October 7, 2020

[VIDEO] The Importance of Routine - The Coach's Playbook

It’s no secret that the most successful traders are the ones that commit to it full-time. They’re present when the markets are active and they take the time to study and understand the rules of the game and the rules they fashion for themselves.

In this week’s Coach’s Playbook, the Topstep coaches are going to give you a little insight into the benefits of having a routine, and sticking to it. They’re also going to share a few tips to help you get started building a foundation for kicking off each trading day off on the right foot.

Here’s What Our Coach’s Have To Say 


Funded Trader Shout-Out!

This week’s Funded Trader shout-out goes to a John K., who is having a marvelous time making all the right move trading Nasdaq future. So far, John is up $3,400 in his Funded Account, and it’s still pretty early in the day (at the time of this recording. Keep the winners coming John, we’d love to give you another shout-out ASAP!

Plan For Success

Make sure to pay close attention to what the Coach’s say in this video. Some of things they mention might not seem too important to you right now, but believe me, setting the tone for the rest of your day early on will work wonders on your daily perfomance.

Imagine starting every trading with not just a plan of action, but the confidence to execute on that plan without hesitation because you’ve done your homework, you trust your unique analysis of the markets, and you’re certain of your ability to manage your account properly.

That shouldn’t sound crazy. It’s a realistic goal that every trader should strive to achieve. All it takes is a little discipline and a mighty desire to succeed in this business. The bottom line is; you have to have a plan, you have to know your plan inside and out, and you have to follow your plan.

Trade Well!