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Coach's Playbook Posted by Team Topstep December 16, 2021

Predictions For 2022 - The Coach's Playbook

It’s that time of year again! That’s right, the Topstep coaches are dusting off their divination books, dealing the tarot cards, and checking their horoscopes to bring you their predictions for 2022!

Last Year’s Predictions

Looking at last year’s calls, I think we can say that Mick is obviously the clear winner (if we were running a contest, which we’re not). The only thing that prevented a clean sweep was a slight hint of over-bullishness in the Gold market, which Mick doubled down on with his prediction for next year.

Last year’s winners are highlighted in Yellow.

2021 Predictions

2022 Predictions

While pandemic relief is still a focus for many traders, the consensus seems to be that the theme for 2022 will be “Inflation.” With the current rate of U.S. inflation in the U.S. sitting right around 6.8%, it is at its highest level in nearly 40 years, and it’s widely believed that this will continue to be a market driver well into next year. And, if you listened to what the Topstep coaches had to say, they certainly believe that to be true also.

2022 Predictions

Holiday Trading

Trading around the holidays can get a little hairy, so we put together a few tips to help you maneuver through the final few weeks of the year. Check out this article outlining 5 Keys to Holiday Trading.

If you’re a Funded Trader at Topstep, don’t worry, we have already taken proactive steps to help you avoid a last-minute fallout going into the final two weeks of the year. Hopefully, this is just a reminder for you, but if you didn’t know, then here it is…

Topstep does not allow trading in any LIVE Funded Accounts around the December holidays. This year, the required period of inactivity starts at 3:10 PM CT on Friday, December 17, and goes through 5:00 PM CT on Sunday, January 2. Trading during this time will result in the loss of your Funded Account, without exceptions.

*Trading Combine and Pro Account traders may continue to trade in the last two weeks of the year.

Trade Well!