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Funded Traders Posted by Team Topstep April 26, 2022

Meet Yik, A Funded Trader From Georgia

We’ve got another great success story for you! Meet Yik, a Topstep funded trader from Atlanta, Georgia, who recently sat down with our very own product master Eddie Horn, to talk about his journey from discovering Topstep to passing the Trading Combine® and earning a Funded Account®.

A Little Backstory

Yik got his initial motivation following the ‘Oracle of Omaha’ himself, Warren Buffett. Finding inspiration from Buffett’s story of going from rags to riches, Yik set out to make some lifestyle improvements of his own, which eventually led him to Topstep.

Many successful people will tell you that when you’re driven to succeed, there are very few things that you will let stand in your way. Yik is no exception. In just three short months, he went from a novice trader in the Trading Combine to earning a Funded Account, which is not an exceptionally easy feat, especially for a beginner!

Do The Work

Needless to say, Yik didn’t just stumble upon a flawless trading strategy. Instead, he put the time in and did the work. Like a lot of modern-day traders, Yik has a full-time job and trades in his spare time. But, like he’ll tell you in the video, he takes it very seriously, spending hours every night learning to chart, discovering new methods for predicting future price movements, and journaling each and every trade

Having the right mindset really is half the battle. If you’re not entirely convinced that you can find success in trading, then it’s unlikely you’ll ever fully commit yourself to being the best trader you can be. There are no shortcuts or free rides here. It’s a lot of work, it’s not easy, and you’ll likely experience some failures along the way. The trick is to learn from your mistakes as you go, be persistent, and never give up!

Trade Well!