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Funded Traders Posted by Team Topstep February 17, 2021

Meet Funded Trader Tawnya M. From New Mexico

For more than three years, funded trader Tawnya M. has been piecing together a daily routine and trading checklist designed to play to her strengths. In this week’s funded trader interview, Tawnya sits down with Topstep Performance Coach Dan Hodgman to talk about the process for building healthy and sustainable habits and how it can bring consistency to your trading.

The Daily Routine

It takes more than merely being present when the markets are active to build consistent trading habits. It requires discipline and a drive to achieve long-term success. 

For Tawnya, preparing for the trading day starts the night before. Planning out meals, setting up your workspace ready ahead of time, and getting plenty of rest are hugely beneficial habits and often overlooked. Anything that makes your morning routine easier is a step in the right direction.

By the time you sit down at your desk to do your morning research, you should feel well-rested and have a clear head. A daily exercise regiment to get the blood flowing, even if it’s just a brisk walk around the block, can work wonders for your mental state before the markets open.

The Daily Checklist

Everyone has a unique, or custom, trading checklist. The checklist is another vital piece to the puzzle. Compiling data and breaking it down to form an objective opinion before you start trading is key to finding consistency.

Tawnya also praises the benefits of journaling. I feel like we bring this up every week, but that’s OK. It should be ingrained in you to keep a record of every trade you make throughout the day. Having a written account of when your setups are working is not just good to have as a reference; it will also help you remember and recognize future opportunities.

The healthy habits that helped Tawnya pass through Step 2 of the Trading Combine and earn a funded Pro Account show us that hard work goes a long way in trading. Preparing for the trading day is a grind, but remember, there are no shortcuts to long-term success.

Trade Well!