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Coach's Playbook Posted by Team Topstep May 19, 2022

Before You Reset!

This week, the Topstep coaches discuss the benefits of the Topstep program and the Trading Combine®. If you’re not all that familiar with what we do and how we work, this is an excellent opportunity for you to gain some insight into Topstep’s mission and vision and also pick up a few tips from our team of seasoned veteran traders!

The Topstep Mission and Vision

We understand that trading is hard. At Topstep, our mission is to turn people who trade into better traders through learning by doing. We provide you with all the tools you need. From education and coaching to practice accounts and funding, Topstep is a one-stop shop designed to help you find success as a futures trader.

The Topstep vision is to be your path to a better lifestyle. That’s why we created the Trading Combine, to help instill good trading behavior and habits, so when the time comes for you to start trading a Funded Account, we’re confident in your ability and your commitment to using our money like a professional.

The Reset

When you’re in the Trading Combine, and a situation arises where your account is no longer eligible for funding, such as hitting your daily loss limit, you have the opportunity to reset your account and start over from scratch. While this is an excellent benefit for many traders, we have also found that some traders tend to abuse the reset function.

Like Jack says in the video, we like to avoid the “g-word” around here (GAMBLING) because we want you to treat trading like a business. After all, that’s precisely what it is. We don’t want to see traders arbitrarily firing away, hitting the reset button when they lose, hoping to get lucky so that they can move on to the next step. That type of behavior is not conducive to long-term trading success.

Even the most minor mistakes in the market can lead to heavy financial losses. Topstep is ready and willing to shoulder that burden for you. So instead of seeing you reset your account multiple times a week, we would rather see you take some time to learn from your mistakes. The nature of a partnership is for it to be beneficial to all parties involved. That’s why we offer such a generous profit split with our trading partners; we want you to be successful!

Trade Well