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Trading Education Posted by Team Topstep February 22, 2019

The Role of Emotions in Trading - Ben Lichtenstein

Ben Lichtenstein joins Eddie this week to chat about the role emotion plays in trading, how to identify when you’re trading with emotion and some tips & tricks about how to manage your emotions while trading.
Before joining TD Ameritrade, Ben spent 25 years on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Ben has been a guest on several popular news shows including CNBC, Bloomberg TV, Bloomberg radio and has been published in numerous periodicals including Futures Magazine and Stocks and Commodities.
Hear Ben talk about: 

  • [08:00] The least smart, most emotional trading decision he’s ever made
  • [11:41] His take on trading with emotions and how to get past emotional trades
  • [15:13] Managing emotions with a regular, consistent routine
  • [21:33] The characteristics emotionally mature traders possess
  • [28:33] Understanding the importance of controlled emotions
  • [37:04] How to recognize when emotions are putting themselves in front of trading execution
  • [41:40] Tools to help harness emotions when trading
  • [50:51] His May 6th, 2010 Flash Crash play by play and the emotions he experienced at that time
  • [1:00:57] The Eddie Question: What have you read online recently that has inspired you?

You can find Ben through TD Ameritrade Network or via on Twitter or email.

Podcast episode production by Dante32.