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Trading Education Posted by Team Topstep March 8, 2019

Setting Realistic Expectations and Maintaining Focus in Trading - Tim Racette

Tim Racette is a day trader of the E-mini futures markets and swing trader of stocks. He openly shares his methods throughout the trading community and is a regular speaker at the TradersEXPO’s.

This week he talks with host Eddie Horn about the importance of setting realistic expectations when getting started in trading, risk assessment as a core competency and the value of staying focused on a clear vision.

Listen to Tim’s take on:

  • [05:52] How he got started trading
  • [10:35] Good routines around premarket prep
  • [14:25] Market growth and opportunity
  • [17:57] Fair warnings for new traders
  • [22:00] Tips for getting back on track after a failure
  • [33:43] The importance of a trading journal
  • [37:43] Top 3 traits that make up a winning traders mindset
  • [43:10] Being intentional in building good trading habits
  • [46:10] Keeping things simple, clarifying ideas and stepping away from trading on occasion to remain consistent through different market conditions
  • [48:38] Using trading windows, time away and mindfulness to keep focused during the trading day
  • [52:10] The Eddie Question: What’s your favorite saying and why?

Be sure to catch up with Tim through or find him on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube @eMiniMind.
Podcast episode production by Dante32.