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Trading Education Posted by Team Topstep February 8, 2019

Secrets to Defining Your Own Trading Strategy - Erich Senft

This week Eddie talks with recognized futures trading expert, Erich Senft about the keys to successful trading including why it’s so important to carve out a unique strategy that works for you. Erich is a registered CTA (Commodity Trading Advisor), designated Trader Kingdom Expert, trading teacher, coach, and President of Indicator Warehouse

  • [04:26] How Erich got his start in the trading world
  • [05:40] What markets to follow and why
  • [11:03] Adapting to market changes
  • [15:23] Which indicator to use and why 
  • [21:17] Erich explains his dislike of risk/reward ratios
  • [28:50] What Erich considers Wallstreet’s best-kept secret
  • [34:43] The mindset a successful trader needs to have
  • [40:19] Erich discusses some of the problems you see when coaching traders
  • [45:01] Erich summarizes his viewpoint on the keys to successful trading

You can find Erich through, on Twitter @IndicatorWH or email him directly at