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Trading Education Posted by Team Topstep March 29, 2019

REWIND: The Making of a Risk-Minded Trader with Mick Ieronimo

In this “Best of Limit Up!” rebroadcast, hear Mick Ieronimo, TopstepTrader’s risk manager, discuss his experience entering the trading world, the value of trading your own money, and how he became a risk-minded trader.

While these days Mick helps manage firm assets across more than 175 traders worldwide, he got his start trading his own account as the trading assistant under Market Wizard Linda Bradford Raschke.

[03:53] How Mick got his start in trading
[06:17] Clerking in the wheat and corn pits
[10:22] Determination to trade his own account
[13:42] Risk management as the number one role for a trader
[14:42] Having a plan vs flipping a coin
[18:25] The hardest loss Mick ever took as a trader
[22:21] Deadliest sin in trading; how greed sneaks up on you
[26:59] Trading bigger than you should
[28:46] Money as a byproduct of good trading
[29:31] Working with Linda Raschke
[32:54] The future of electronic trading

Podcast episode production by Dante32.