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Trading Education Posted by Team Topstep April 19, 2019

REWIND: Strategizing for Your Intended Targets with Tony Saliba

In this REWIND episode of Limit Up, we’re taking a look back on Eddie’s chat with Tony Saliba when they discussed bouncing back from a big loss, becoming disciplined, and working up the corporate ladder. 
Tony Saliba, CEO, and founder of Matrix Holding Group is a seasoned trading professional with an impressive track record, having once made a six-figure profit every month for 70 months straight. This is a stark difference from some of his early trading, where he lost nearly everything in just six days, which ultimately gave him the skills he needed to become so successful in trading. Tony is also the author of Managing Expectations and has trained many successful traders in varying types of markets, all over the world and leads a broker-dealer in a trading technology group. Hear Tony talk about:

  • [03:20] Getting a Start as a Caddy and Accountant
  • [09:25] Gaining 50% and Losing 80%
  • [19:07] Doing Homework
  • [21:10] Perfect Practice Makes Perfect
  • [23:00] Mentorship in Trading
  • [27:56] Goal Setting for Intended Targets
  • [33:42] Picking a Strategy
  • [38:32] Discipline in Trading
  • [43:52] 70 Months of Six Figure Trading Profits


Check out Tony on Twitter @ajsmarketwizard
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