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Trading Education Posted by Team Topstep April 12, 2019

REWIND: High-Risk Decisions with Annie Duke

In this Limit Up Rewind, Annie Duke, best-selling author, and former professional poker player, dives into why decision making can be so tough and discusses the importance of probability when it comes to pulling the trigger. 
While Annie Duke may be known best for her victories in professional poker, still holding the title for only female to have won the World Series of Poker Tournament of Champions and NBC National Poker Heads-up Championship, she is also an esteemed corporate speaker  and an author of five books with her most recent and only widely released book becoming an instant bestseller. 

  • [02:45] Why our decision-making is so flawed
  • [05:09] Decision-making evolves as humans do
  • [05:33] How efficiency is often valued over accuracy
  • [08:48] Pete Carroll and the “worst decision in football history”
  • [17:09] We’re all “resulters” – thinking the outcome changes the quality of the decision
  • [18:04] Thinking in terms of probabilities as the key to living with bad outcomes
  • [21:23] Decision paralysis when not embracing uncertainty
  • [23:17] How to be more consistent in decision-making
  • [29:05] Having a bias vs. being objective
  • [33:35] Physical and mental cues that inform our decision-making
  • [43:52] Leaving your ego at the door
  • [48:55] How to sharpen quick-thinking
  • [54:14] Annie’s pre-competition routines
  • [56:31] Managing losses
  • [1:01:08] Learning from failures
  • [1:03:33] Are some people luckier than others?

Keep up with Annie on Twitter @AnnieDuke or through her website

Also, be sure to check out, the educational nonprofit Annie cofounded, which is dedicated to ensuring students are equipped to be better decision-makers in the modern world and throughout their lives.

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