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Trading Education Posted by Team Topstep April 26, 2019

REWIND: Building a 20 Year Constant Profit Streak with Larry Benedict

In this Limit Up Rewind, Larry Benedict, trader and founder of, shares the keys to building his trading fortune, some of which defy conventional wisdom. 

Larry is someone that by all measures probably should not have made it as a successful trader. Yet after repeatedly failing, he stuck with his passion for trading and, critically, learned from each setback. In this episode hear Larry talk about:

  • [03:49] How he got started on the floor of the CBOE
  • [07:32] What made him think he could be a good trader
  • [10:46] Why discipline and management are critical to success
  • [12:43] What advice would he give to himself as a young trader
  • [15:42] How he developed his “2% Rule”
  • [20:32] The value of ‘collecting base hits’ versus ‘swinging for the fence’ in trading
  • [22:50] How to know when you have a market that matches your trading style
  • [26:00] The danger of having a gambler’s mentality
  • [31:09] Creating
  • [40:04] His best piece of advice for someone getting started in electronic trading
  • [41:57] The scariest trade he ever made 


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