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Trading Education Posted by Team Topstep January 11, 2019

Passing the TopstepTrader Trading Combine® - Nick Dolby

This week Eddie Horn chats with 6-year TopstepTrader veteran Nick Dolby about his experience passing the Trading Combine®. Nick speaks openly about coming back from failure, how his scariest trades were any that were set to get him funded, and he gives some Trading Combine® tips for earning a Funded Account™. 

  • [03:25] Picking yourself back up after a failure
  • [08:30] What to expect when signing up for a TopstepTrader Trading Combine®
  • [10:17] Why the first step to getting funded, is not to think about getting funded
  • [12:58] Nick talks about how his idea of discipline has evolved over his trading career
  • [16:49] Finding trading styles that work for you
  • In this week’s round of Eddie Horn’s rapid-fire bonus questions, Nick reveals:
    • [21:28] his favorite book on trading
    • [22:26] what legendary trader he would love to study under
    • [23:54] his one-word summary of society today

To learn more about Nick’s experience with the Trading Combine®, find him in the TopstepTrader Facebook group or send him an email at

Podcast episode production by Dante32.