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Trading Education Posted by Team Topstep October 8, 2020

Money Management and Trading with Chris Tate

Episode Summary:

Chris Tate is the Director of Trading Game and has more than 30 years experience in trading. Over the course of his career, he’s seen traders come and go but the most successful traders all have one skill in common: money management. Listen to the episode for Chris’ trading tips as well as advice on improving your money management skills.

Full Show Notes:

Recency bias means that you pay the most attention to the last thing you heard or said over historic knowledge. For many traders that means that because the markets have been going up that they will always go up. Chris Tate is a trading veteran and the Director at Trading Game. He joined Jack and Dan to discuss this phenomenon.

Chris has been a trader for over 30 years and has seen it all. He makes the case for training yourself to be comfortable with discomfort, honing your money management skills, and increasing your patience. Listen in for a masterclass on trading psychology.

  • (02:03) – Market Reaction
  • (04:45) – Interview with Chris Tate
  • (08:57) – The common thread
  • (12:32) – Pride goeth before a fall
  • (18:53) – Money management
  • (32:06) – Components of a trading plan
  • (39:25) – Recency bias
  • (43:28) – Be a student of markets

Chris Tate is one of the first people to ever release a share trading book in Australia and has had an extraordinary impact on thousands of traders. He is the bestselling author of The Art of Trading and The Art of Options Trading in Australia, his brutally honest approach and meticulous pursuit of excellence ensure that exceptional traders all around the world quote his market comments.

He’s been running the 6-month repeat-for-free Trading Game Mentor Program for the past 20 years, and he’s also the founder of Talking Trading, a free weekly trading podcast.


What is Limit Up?

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Jack Pelzer is a co-host of Limit Up! He traded as part of a U.S. Treasury group for 7 years at Chopper Trading and DRW. After leaving the industry, he became a Writing Fellow and Senior Contributing Writer for The Onion. He is now the Head of Content at Topstep.

Dan Hodgman is a co-host of Limit Up! Prior to coming to Topstep Dan traded 30 Yr Treasury Options and Yield Spreads. Before that, he served in the United States Marine Corps where he simultaneously managed his own Futures Account applying the skills he grew up learning from clerking on the trading floor. Now Dan works with the Traders here at Topstep as a Performance Coach as well as being a regular on the Daily Market Recap.

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