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Trading Education Posted by Team Topstep January 16, 2020

Lessons of Highly Effective Traders with Jack Pelzer, Dan Hodgman, and John Doherty

Episode Summary:

Have you wondered what it takes to be a top trader? This week, Jack, Dan, and John have a roundtable discussion on the habits and attributes they’ve seen in highly successful traders. The trio also announces the five winners of the listener survey!

Full Show Notes:

This week on Limit Up! we’re getting back to the basics and taking a look at the habits and attributes of top traders. Jack, Dan, and John are on mic this week sharing some of their observations from their lives on the trading floor.

Listen in to find out why your P&L monitor is just a distraction, why the best traders are first to arrive and last to leave, and have an ultra-compulsive work ethic (we didn’t say all the traits are healthy). We’re also announcing the winners of the listener survey and sharing some of the feedback we’ve received.

If you’ve been wondering how you can improve your trading game, tune in and take notes!

  • [00:16] – This week: Jack, Dan, and John “The Dancing Bear” Doherty
  • [02:08] – Lessons of highly effective traders
  • [06:09] – Final five listener survey winners announcement!
  • [08:30] – Ultra-compulsive commitment
  • [11:27] – Process over profits
  • [17:34] – Smart Losses
  • [22:11] – Assessing risk like a poker player
  • [25:54] – Always looking for a good deal
  • [29:05] – Confidence not hubris
  • [33:59] – Listener survey feedback

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