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Market News Posted by Team Topstep May 24, 2019

Keeping Cool During Summer Trading with TopstepTrader’s Danny & Hoag

Welcome to the new Limit Up! This episode marks the beginning of a few show changes we’ll be rolling out over the coming weeks. We’ll be covering our new call-in line for listeners of the show to call in with questions for us, our latest MARKet reaction as well as our performance coaches, Danny & Hoag, breaking down how you should be approaching your summer trading.
So if you get a chance, give us a call and let us know what you think of the job we’re doing, the podcast or anything trading related!

  • [00:41] – Introducing the new Limit Up! format
  • [01:39] – We want to hear from you! Listener Grab Bag (855-902-0331)
  • [02:16] – MARKet Reaction
  • [04:09] – What to expect this summer with Topstep’s Danny & Hoag
  • [05:54] – Don’t chase money on Friday afternoon
  • [08:44] – This will still be an active summer for trading
  • [09:15] – There’s always opportunity. Remember to take a break
  • [10:28] – Checking markets on vacation; do or don’t?
  • [13:00] – Keeping connected with daily WSJ & coffee
  • [13:30] – The news doesn’t stop so just be cautious
  • [16:09] – Summer plans — Ozark’s & babies
  • [17:11] – Trader Therapy segment teaser

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