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Trading Education Posted by Team Topstep June 7, 2019

Jeopardy & Trading: The importance of sticking to your game plan

Limit Up! is back with another dose of market analysis, trading strategy and…Jeopardy?  This week Danny Hodgman and John Hoagland discuss the latest Jeopardy uber-champion and how he kept winning by sticking to his game plan, something that rings true for traders as well. As always, our very own Mark Meadows is back with his MARKet Reaction. Finally, Jack Pelzer brings you into his office for this week’s Trader Therapy.

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  • [00:35] – This week
  • [01:49] – MARKet Reaction with Mark Meadows
  • [02:55] – Danny & Hoag: A look into James Holzhauer’s Jeopardy run 
    • [05:00] – Sticking to a plan even if it doesn’t guarantee a win
    • [06:17] – Always manage your expectations & your risk
    • [06:32] –  “Barney-style” – don’t overlook the power of keeping it kid’s book simple
    • [08:17] – Learning the heartbeat of your market
    • [12:38] – How to recognize changing market states when you’re new to the industry
    • [15:53] – You gotta have the Daily up
    • [19:16] – Watching your risk tolerance with increased volatility
  • [23:20] – Trader Therapy with Jack Pelzer

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