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Market News Posted by Team Topstep January 18, 2019

Insights on Trading Crude Oil - Tracy Shuchart

This week Tracy Shuchart joins Eddie Horn as they dive into all the latest crude oil trading news. Tracy is an independent trader specializing in the energy markets. You can find her on twitter @chigrl and as a contributing expert at

  • [01:44] What are your thoughts on where crude is moving?
  • [05:51] Looking at technical analysis when deciding what to trade.
  • [07:20] What type of trader best suits trading crude oil?
  • [08:27] What’s the best time of day trade crude oil?
  • [08:49] Tracy’s process for deciding her trade entries.
  • [11:08] Should you trade based on comments/tweets?
  • [13:41] Tracy’s thoughts on Saudi Arabia looking to leap the $50/$60/$70 barrels and to see a target $80?
  • [15:22] How much of an impact does Russia really have on OPEC?
  • [17:21] Tracy’s take on talk of Canadian reserves.
  • [19:54] How closely do we need to watch weekly updates and government/cartel reports?
  • [21:12] Why are the news wires expressing a slide in crude all the while we see WTI and Brent rising higher?

Community Questions:

  • [23:17] Do you prefer scalping or playing crude oil as a momentum play?
  • [23:55] Do you actively look at the WTI/Brent spread or it’s more of just a thing to observe nowadays?
  • [24:20] How much do algorithms play a part in your trading, if any?
  • [24:56] What are some of the other markets you trade and why?
  • [25:40] Eddie Question: If you won 1 million dollars but must spend it in an hour, how would you spend it?

Podcast episode production by Dante32.