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Trading Education Posted by Team Topstep March 1, 2019

Daniel Ameduri: From Bankruptcy to Millionaire

Daniel Ameduri is co-founder of the Future Money Trends newsletter, an authority for financial freedom and economic research in commodities, cryptocurrencies, personal finance, and income ideas.  This week he joins host Eddie Horn to talk about how his financial journey started, basic financial market education and the future of cryptocurrencies.
A self-made multi-millionaire, Daniel also has a YouTube channel, Future Money Trends, that has received 10 million video views. He’s also been featured in The Wall Street Journal and ABC World News. 

Hear Daniel talk about: 

  • [03:09] Where his financial journey got started
  • [05:02] How to know what to invest in or if you should invest
  • [08:01] Wealth prospects for the average person trading the markets
  • [10:36] How to know what kind of stocks to invest in
  • [13:08] What to focus on most when the markets are forever changing
  • [16:44] Top 3 trends in the stock market right now
  • [19:52] Trends with cannabis stocks
  • [25:49] The relative perceived safety of Stocks vs Bonds
  • [28:19] The main reason stocks have been heading up for years
  • [29:50] What’s behind the improving economy
  • [33:30] Futures and Commodities markets to watch this year
  • [39:52] The perception that investing is a rigged game
  • [43:52] What it takes to recover from a bad investment and try again
  • [47:28] The future of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies
  • [51:55] What to teach your kids about money
  • [56:20] Why he chose not to go to college
  • [1:00:29] Eddie Question: What and when was you biggest “a-ha” moment or revelation?

You can find Daniel and learn more about his new investments at

Podcast episode production by Dante32.