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Trading Education Posted by Team Topstep April 30, 2020

Become a Better Trader Through Neuroscience with Sean Kozak

Episode Summary:

You don’t need to be a doctor to integrate neuroscience into your trading routine. By completing cognitive exercises every day and learning to better understand and manage emotions, you’ll have the tools to become a better trader. Sean Kozak is the President of NeuroStreet Trading Academy. He stopped by Limit Up! to talk all things neuroscience and how it can help traders perform at a higher level.

Full Show Notes:

A few years ago, Sean Kozak, President of NeuroStreet Trading Academy, spoke with a friend leading a neuroscience lab. The lab was developing a program to give the Manchester United soccer team a cognitive advantage on the field. Sean wondered, why don’t we have this for traders?

Today, Sean’s company provides trading software and education with a neuroscience twist. Through daily cognitive exercises, traders strengthen their brains to help them make better trades. Sean dropped by Limit Up! to discuss how managing emotions, positive affirmations, and pattern recognition can help traders level up their game.

Tune in to find out how cognitive neuroscience can help you be a better trader.

  • [00:50] – This week: Sean Kozak
  • [02:15] – Market Reaction
  • [10:24] – Interview with Sean Kozak
  • [12:08] – How Sean got started with trading
  • [15:31] – Adapting to risk management
  • [22:37] – Incorporating neuroscience into trading performance
  • [32:57] – Transitioning from simulation to real money
  • [38:48] – Developing strategies with edge
  • [46:06] – Learning the temperment of a market
  • [49:06] – NeuroStreet VIP Black Belt Program

Sean Kozak, President of NeuroStreet Trading Academy, is a global assets trader specializing in technical strategies for day and swing trading. His passion for trading influenced him to develop comprehensive software products and training programs designed to teach others.


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