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Trading Education Posted by Team Topstep May 21, 2020

Automating Day Trades with Jeremy Tang and Zac White

Episode Summary:

Wouldn’t it be nice to get alerts when there are charting indicators? Most retail traders can’t afford the fancy tools enjoyed by traders at big firms. That’s why our guests today, Jeremy Tang and Zac White of SharkIndicators, got into development: to create affordable software tools that you can tailor to your favored trading strategies. Listen for more on how trading software development works.

Full Show Notes:

Everything in the trading industry is moving at warp speed right now with more uncertainty than we’ve seen since 1987. With emotions running high, this is a breeding ground for human error. The big firms all have software development teams that help automate parts of the trading process to make life easier for their traders. But what about the little guys, the retail traders who can’t necessarily afford the splashy tools?

Enter into the picture, SharkIndicators, a software development company dedicated to creating software tools for retail traders. Jeremy Tang and Zac White co-founded SharkIndicators and are our guests on this week’s episode of Limit Up!

They explain how mistakes they made as traders informed the development of their software products Blackbird and Bloodhound, which allow retail traders a choose-your-own-adventure approach to how much automation they want to use in their trades. Listen in to learn what goes into the trading software development process.

  • [02:07] – This week: Jeremy Tang and Zac White
  • [03:15] – Market Reaction
  • [11:51] – Interview with Jeremy Tang and Zac White
  • [12:53] – How things got started with BloodHound
  • [18:35] – Born out of frustration
  • [21:54] – The importance of keeping up
  • [23:59] – Real-time adjustments
  • [28:21] – SharkIndicators Training Workshops
  • [34:57] – Man vs. Computer
  • [40:32] – Confidence-building tools
  • [43:30] – Quantum computing
  • [47:17] – Human discretion
  • [55:32] – The Josh Powell Foundation

Jeremy Tang is the founder of SharkIndicators and Chief Architect of BloodHound and BlackBird; revolutionary trading software that allows traders to model their trade management rules and systems without coding, providing complete control and clear precise signals.

With over 20 years of combined software development and trading experience, Jeremy is a rare breed. Jeremy’s company, SharkIndicators, is the result of his expertise, passion and devotion to the betterment of retail traders. His primary mission is to arm retail traders with the same power and technology once only privy to that of deep pocketed hedge funds.

Zac White is a co-founder and Product Specialist with SharkIndicators. He brings nearly 20 years of trading experience and a wide technical background consisting of civil engineering, software programming, and IT logistics to the table. Zac has assisted countless traders to model their trading systems, allowing them to backtest and auto-trade their systems. Zac runs the weekly training workshops for BloodHound and BlackBird, helping traders get the most out of these powerful tools.


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Jack Pelzer is a co-host of Limit Up! He traded as part of a U.S. Treasury group for 7 years at Chopper Trading and DRW. After leaving the industry, he became a Writing Fellow and Senior Contributing Writer for The Onion. He is now the Head of Content at Topstep.

Dan Hodgman is a co-host of Limit Up! Prior to coming to Topstep Dan traded 30 Yr Treasury Options and Yield Spreads. Before that, he served in the United States Marine Corps where he simultaneously managed his own Futures Account applying the skills he grew up learning from clerking on the trading floor. Now Dan works with the Traders here at Topstep as a Performance Coach as well as being a regular on the Daily Market Recap.

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