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Market News Posted by Team Topstep February 1, 2019

A Big Picture Look at the 2019 Market Direction - David Moadel

Eddie takes a deep dive into the 2019 market direction with David Moadel, Chief Analyst and Opportunity Researcher for In this wide-ranging discussion they cover everything from the likelihood of a near-term recession to a potential US-China trade deal, to retirement planning in the current market. 

  • [03:43] The likelihood of recession in 2019
  • [09:34] Drivers of inflation right now
  • [11:52] Why there is so much talk about the markets crashing again
  • [14:23] How a conventional trader should view algorithmic trading
  • [18:06] Where growth and safety-minded investors can get consistent yield and persistent earnings
  • [21:45] The importance of portfolio diversification and variety in this market environment
  • [26:19] Other markets that would coincide with David’s direction on Gold
  • [31:37] David’s report on the US Bonds being toxic
  • [34:09] The potential US-China trade deal on the horizon, and what investors can expect
  • [37:05] Topics discussed at Portfolio Wealth Global
  • [44:00] Things to think about when nearing retirement
  • [47:38] The Eddie Question: If Hollywood called and wanted you to make a movie, what kind of movie would it be and who would star in it?

 Podcast episode production by Dante32.