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At its most basic level, the futures market is a continuous auction between buyers and sellers to determine price. This simple observation has profound implications for those looking to profit from the results.

Join 30-year futures trading veteran and Topstep Senior Performance Coach John Hoagland as we explore the concepts of Auction Theory and the Market Profile. These two free sessions are sure to provide you with a richer understanding of what’s happening “under the hood” of the markets and how you can use this information to your advantage.

The strategies presented have been used by professional futures traders for decades and will be a valuable addition to your trading toolkit. Hope to see you there!

SESSION #1: Wednesday, January 25, 12:30 PM CT

SESSION #2: Thursday, January 26, 12:30 PM CT


Please bring any questions you have and we will try to get to as many as we can during the Q&A session at the end of the class.

Also, for those of you who have already spent significant time with Hoag, or attended our previous “Trading Strategies” or “Trading Foundations” classes, the first session may be more of a review. But we’re always glad to see you!

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John Hoagland

Meet Your HOST

John Hoagland (a.k.a. “Hoag”) has 38 years of professional trading experience but education is his passion. As Topstep’s Senior Performance Coach, he has guided and mentored thousands of traders since 2012. John’s areas of expertise include technical analysis, market profile, and trading psychology. He strongly believes that if you want consistency from the market, you must bring consistency to the market.

Trader Testimonials

“Thank you, John! Your coaching has been a trading lifesaver and really helped steer me in the right direction. I’m using everything I have learned in this process to continue my trading. Thank you for all of your guidance.”

Jameson R.

“Your view on market profile has completely changed the way that I approach the market and I feel so much better for it. Thanks so much!”

Jordan L.

“Today has been very enlightening for me. Thanks for the great insights. I have learned more about myself, and trading, than in all previous sessions.”

Bradley H.

“I wanted to tell you what a truly great asset to Topstep I think John Hoagland is. His tutelage and knowledge imparted via the Forecasts, Recaps & Foundations are outstanding. The best.”

Kevin L.

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