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Latest News Posted by Team Topstep July 20, 2021

TradingView Users Can Now Get Funded Through Topstep

Topstep and Trading View

You can now utilize TradingView’s customizable charts, indicators, and social media community to navigate the Topstep Trading Combine® and earn a funded trading account.

Chicago, IL (July 19, 2021)—Topstep, a fin-tech trading firm based in Chicago, announced last week that they are adding TradingView to their network of available trading platforms.

As a top-tier trading platform, TradingView offers intuitive charting for beginners to advanced traders, hundreds of pre-built studies and analysis tools, easy-to-use alerts, and a social media community that boasts a network of more than 30 million active traders and investors.

With the recent release of Coach T, Topstep’s new digital performance coach, the team-up with TradingView is being lauded as a winning combo. “This combination of working with other traders and getting feedback from either a digital performance coach or a real in-person coach is valuable,” said Topstep’s founder and Chief Visionary Officer, Michael Patak. He also added that this new mix of coaching and community would “help you work towards becoming a better trader, with better habits and better discipline, and ultimately help you grow your account.”

What Topstep brings to the table is a funding opportunity like no other. After completing the objective 2-step simulated evaluation process, known as the Trading Combine, traders are given access to Topstep capital to trade live contracts in the futures and forex markets. As a result, Topstep funded more than 6,000 trading accounts in 2020, and in 2021, they have already funded more than 5,000 trading accounts.

“We’re here to provide an opportunity for anyone to access the financial markets without having to risk their own hard-earned money,” said Patak. “Bringing these two great products together is going to help us reach more traders and give them a chance to learn about the markets in a safe environment.”

About Topstep

Topstep is the leading retail futures and forex funding opportunity, offering a risk-free ability to trade live capital in multiple asset classes. With a mindset reframe, comprehensive rules, and an uncommon approach to success, Topstep transforms trading from an activity to an identity. 

Founded in 2012 by Michael Patak, a successful floor trader at the Chicago Board of Trade, believing that the market is your greatest teacher. Michael remains an active member of the Topstep Community and takes great pride in the success of Topstep traders.

About TradingView

A long time ago, TradingView set out to create a home for all traders and investors by making it their mission to build a place where anyone, anywhere, can succeed through markets. Since its inception, TradingView has created a social community that is second to none. Each month, their network of more than 30 million traders and investors, using the world’s best charts and analysis tools, share over 200,000 trading ideas spanning across a multitude of markets, and to date, those same community members have built over 100,000 custom scripts and indicators for other users to access.

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