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Latest News Posted by Abby DeRango June 1, 2021

Digital Marketing In the Post-Cookie Era

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Curious about how to reach customers after Apple decided to destroy those pesky tracking cookies? Topstep’s very own paid media guru Kevin Maskooki lays out everything you need to know (and them some) in this incredible article he posted on LinkedIn. So go ahead and give him some love. Here’s a preview to pique your interest:

Digital Marketing In the Post-Cookie Era

by Kevin Maskooki


As news spread to Venice that Portuguese explorer Vasco de Gama had found a sea route to the Indian Ocean and its vast markets, Venetian merchants were said to have filled the streets in tears as they mourned the end of Venice’s monopoly of the European spice trade. Five-hundred years later, those same cries can be heard from Facebook’s offices in Silicon Valley as news spreads of the 96% opt-out rate to ad tracking on the latest version of iOS.

Whether it’s finding a sea route to new markets or enabling users to opt out of ad tracking, new technologies, new companies, and different ideas drive innovation and change the competitive landscape. Digital marketing is often at the forefront of these innovations with Apple’s release of iOS 14.5 symbolizing the beginning of the post-cookie era.

Understandably, the most significant concern among digital marketers is losing remarketing visibility to iOS 14.5 users who opt-out of tracking. reports that just 4% of US iPhone users running the new software opted in to app tracking in the first 12 days after it arrived. This is a devastating number for platforms that generate significant ad revenue from iOS traffic and underlies Facebook’s opposition to the change. With a 96% opt-out rate, the value advertising on iOS devices can create is now extremely limited.

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