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Futures Trading

From Crude to the E-mini S&P 500, trade the most popular CME products as you build more productive habits and work your way toward funding.

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Select the buying power that suits your style

Local currency prices for display purposes only.
  • aud
  • cad
  • cop
  • eur
  • gbp
  • jpy
  • mxn
  • rub
  • usd
  • chf
Monthly Price
The subscription cost recurs monthly from the sign-up date, until you reach a Funded Account or the account is cancelled.
Profit Target (Per Step)
The Profit Target is the amount of net profit required per step.
Maximum Position Size
Cumulative, across all open trades.
Daily Loss Limit
Net P&L cannot hit or exceed this amount in a trading day (5:00 PM – 3:10 PM CT).
Weekly Loss Limit (Step 2)
Net P&L cannot hit or exceed this amount in a trading week (Sunday 5:00 PM – Friday 3:10 PM CT).
Trailing Max Drawdown
Account Balance High – Maximum Drawdown = Trailing Maximum Drawdown (which is calculated at the end of each trading day).
$30k Buying Power
$205 aud
$196 cad
$547,548 cop
€127 eur
£113 gbp
¥15,578 jpy
$3,050 mxn
₽11,407 rub
$150/month USD
3 Contracts
$50k Buying Power
$226 aud
$216 cad
$602,303 cop
€139 eur
£124 gbp
¥17,136 jpy
$3,354 mxn
₽12,547 rub
$165/month USD
5 Contracts
$100k Buying Power
$445 aud
$425 cad
$1,184,355 cop
€274 eur
£245 gbp
¥33,753 jpy
$6,607 mxn
₽24,715 rub
$325/month USD
10 Contracts
$150k Buying Power
$514 aud
$490 cad
$1,368,872 cop
€316 eur
£283 gbp
¥38,946 jpy
$7,624 mxn
₽28,517 rub
$375/month USD
15 Contracts

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Just follow the rules

The rules are meant to instill good habits, so let us show you how to make them work for you. Think of them as your ticket to consistent profitability. The Trading Combine will prepare you to grow an account and manage risk so you’ll be ready to trade our capital with confidence.

Account Parameters
Step 1

Prove Profitability

Step 2

Manage Risk


Profit Target

Minimum Days (there is no deadline or time limit)

5 Days 10 Days

Only trade permitted products at permitted times

Do not hit or exceed the Daily Loss Limit

Do not allow your Account Balance to hit or exceed the Trailing Maximum Drawdown

Do not hit or exceed the Weekly Loss Limit

Do not hold positions into major economic releases

Follow the scaling plan

Frequently Asked Questions

Available Trading Platforms

TSTrader Logo
TSTrader Logo

Enjoy a commission-free Funded Account, no platform fees, and dozens of available third-party add-on tools. TSTrader is compatible with any device.

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Ninja Trader logo
Ninja Trader logo

Windows platform with thousands of third-party add-ons. $0.53/contract/side commissions. Platform fees included in SIM, discounted in Funded Account.

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TradeStation logo
TradeStation logo

Pay no platform fees and $0.80/contract/side commissions in the Funded account. Compatible with any device. Discover a host of third-party add-on tools.

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Other Available Platforms

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So far this program has been great. Not just for the opportunity to give me capital to trade, but also the customer service which has been excellent. The associates listen and provide information and when requested the follow up. As long as this level of support exist I will remain a customer and will highly recommend.

Abe M.

Trading with Topstep actually improved my discipline. Being forced not to break their rules made me comply with my plan way better than my own will sometimes did. Overall, I recommend Topstep to everyone not having the capital to open a big account.

Calin R.

Making it through the Trading Combine is not easy, but the standards are clear and fair, and provided me with a discipline I’d been lacking. I’ve come to understand Topstep as real-time self-education, where I’ve learned to implement practical risk management techniques. Now I have a foundation on which to build a trading career!

Doug P.
Trading Combine Trading Combine

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