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What you trade is part of your identity. Whether you are drawn to futures or forex, our Trading Combine® has the products and resources you need to earn funding and get where you want to be.

risk our capital

Why risk your own money to become a professional trader? Partner with Topstep and we will give you the tools and capital you need to succeed. Come hone your strategies, build discipline, and create sound habits on the way to a Funded Account.

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Risk Our Capital

Passing the Trading Combine put my strategy and my wits to the test. Knowing that I have the proper strategy and discipline to earn a Funded Account is a real confidence boost.

Kirk L.

I have become a confident trader largely due to the structure they provide in focusing me on a disciplined approach to day trading. Topstep has helped me reshape my mindset and mold my psychological approach to the preservation of capital while choosing high probability trades.

Michael H.

I believe Topstep has made me a better trader. I highly recommend Topstep to all those aspiring traders who want to achieve success. Don’t make the mistake of losing lots of your own money. Earn the right to trade!

Raymundo G.

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Funding Opportunities Funding Opportunities

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